Here you can see the list updated on August 1st 2022 of official hunting Outfitters that operating in Greece:
Safari Season  LTD - international company operates in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
Kri Kri ibex outfitters - Local organization of profesianal hunters in Greece
Kri Kri ibex IKE - Greek company
Hunt Greece - LLC
Outdoor Greece - Tour agency
Greek Mountain Hunting - Greek company

Here is the list of all needed papers that the outfitter must arrange for you:

  • General hunting license for Greece is mandatory to hunt Kri Kri anywhere (Sapientza or Atalanty).
  • Special hunting license for the area where you will hunt
  • Daily permits for the dates your trip is planned. There should be 1 per day.
  • Insurance
  • Invoice for harvested game /after the hunt/ according the local forestry office tax list.
  • Daily tickets for boat trip to/from the island
  • Export papers should be for Capra Aegagrus Cretica – Kri Kri ibex (Not for Capra aegagrus – feral goat)

    Important notice: All documents should be on your name. In case some of the documents are on the name of the outfitter then you are not legal to hunt, and you are not paying the government taxes.

After you booked the right trusted outfitter you have to send him all needed documents for his work for of issuing documents for you.

  • Hunting license /ticket from your national hunting organization valid for the hunting season during which the hunt will take place.
  • Firearm license or gun license for handling, transporting, or owning a rifle or handgun for EU (could be the EU rifle passport) for North America (an official note from police station).
  • You can import your own shotgun in Greece only if you are EU citizen and you obtain EU rifle passport. Usually all outfits offer a hired shotgun included in the price
  • One picture as for the passport (it is needed for the hunting license)
  • POA - Power Of Attorney with signature on the name of your legal representative in Greece. Usually this person is a lawyer who will represent you before the Greek authorities for the issuance of all the necessary documents. A word of advice - don't leave this task for the last as Greek lawyers are not the fastest.
  • It is imperative that you pay your taxes and licenses on time. If the entire amount is not paid 60 days before the hunt, your reservations will be forfeited.

    When you are ready to book your trip to Greece check if your outfitter is officially registered tour agent or legal company in Greece. You can check here or in the online record book of SCI. Bear in mind that in the record book you can see some non-official companies. Using the VAT number for online check can help too.