Kri Kri's Latin name: Capra Aegagros Cretica  Hunting season: October 8th - November 17th but only on Fridays.

It is one day hunt on a small island. The goats are used to being fed at a certain time and place, so hunting is easy and almost 100% successful. It's more about collecting a trophy than a real hunt. Hunting starts at 9 am and shuts down at 3 pm. Because of the one-hunting-day restriction, Atalanti is a better destination for local hunters than international hunters. BOOK YOUR TRIP ATALANTI

The preparation for hunting in the island starts several months before the start of the hunting season. At that time you should submit the applications for having hunting licences issued by the state department that is in charge of islands and Kri Kri hunting in order to purchase the number of tags we need that will provide the hunters with access to the island for hunting there. The number of these permits is limited since the number is defined by the hunting programme in the particular year. Several months before that the programme is being elaborated by the particular forestry service and approved by the Greek government and in particular by the Ministry of forests and agriculture, which verifies the rules, terms and conditions for running the hunting sessions in the present year. As a rule, these terms and conditions undergo rare or insignificant changes throughout the years. You could see the translated official documents for the previous year on our web site.The hunting licenses are limited and all applications for booking are accepted and listed under the booking list of HWCS/Wildlife Hellenic Conservation Society/. The time of received payment of the booking fee for each application defines the priority order. The applicants who are not placed for the current hunting season will be ranked according the priority order for the following season and up to date hunting laws.

The rules for hunting in the island are mandatory to all going there, because the island is with the statute of protected area and special access to it is provided by law. Hunting takes place in groups, the way this is described in the programme drawn by the government. Each of these groups is assigned with hunting region it cannot leave. The weapons you could hunt with are also subject to approval in the hunting programme. The thing we provide you with is official representation before the Greek authorities while ensuring all documents necessary for hunting in the island.This hunt is good until trophies are taken or wounded or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over.

 Examples of trophies Kri Kri