Forty years ago, the Bern Convention was signed, with the goal of preserving wildlife and their natural habitats, as well as endangered migrant species. Since 1979, the Convention has been active. It was signed on September 19, 1979 in Bern and ratified by the European Economic Community (now the EU). The Annexes of the Convention are the catalogues of protected species. Species of wild flora and fauna listed in Appendix I and II, respectively, are safeguarded by the Convention, while those listed in Appendix III are safeguarded but can be exploited in accordance with the Convention.
The appendices were last updated in 2017/2018 and list Prohibited methods of killing, capturing, and exploiting animals. Capra Aegagros Cretica, which is also referred to as the Kri Kri ibex, is listed in Appendix II, which protects strictly protected wildlife species. Hunting kri kri ibex is restricted to those areas designated as special reserves by the government, which strictly controls their capture, transportation, and trade. Illegal hunting, transporting, and killing of kri kri ibex has been a result of illegally hunting, transporting, and killing this species outside Sapienza and Atalanti Islands. Everyone involved in this illegal activity has participated in the illegal trade of a protected endangered animal species!


Article 1


To hunt in the Sapienza Island Controlled Hunting Area one must:

1. The possession of a common hunting license, i.e.:

General, Regional, Local that is also valid for the Prefecture

of Messinia.

2. Obtaining the special permit for hunting in the Controlled Hunting Area.

Article 2


To obtain the special license for hunting in E.K.P. the interested hunter, in person or his legal representative, must submit to the Forestry Office of Kalamata:

1. Application with his details (surname, first name, father's name, occupation, residential address, Police ID Number, Tax Registration Number, Hunting License Number and type thereof) and the date he wishes to hunt and the rest team members.

2. Photocopy of the Thira Permit (second, third page and current visa). Foreign hunters also present their country's hunting license in translation.

3. The amount of money required.

4. Receipt - Document of payment of the rent for the transfer to and from Sapienza Island with the contracted boat.

Article 3


The hunt begins on Monday, October 31, 2022 and ends on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

Hunting days for the period from

31.10.2022 to 1.12.2022 are defined every: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Hunting days for the period from

5.12.2022 to 6.12.2022 are set as Monday and Tuesday. The hunt may begin one (1) hour after

sunrise and end at 2:00 PM.

Article 4


1. The price of the Special Permit is determined as follows: a) For Messinian hunters €35.00.
b) For other Greek hunters, citizens of countries -

members of the European Union and citizens of foreign countries (outside the EU) residing in Greece for more than 15 years, €50.00.

c) For the citizens of foreign countries outside the EU. €100.00. 2. The prices of special permits are subject to

VAT. 24%.

3. The special permit is valid for one hunting day only.

4. Hunters who are nationals of foreign countries (outside the EU) must, in addition to the special permit, obtain a general hunting permit issued by the Kalamata Forest Service by paying the corresponding fees as these

are defined by the annual decision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy regulating hunting issues, which are formulated as follows:

a) Up to 15 days: €60.00 and b) Up to two (2) months: €120.00. In addition, it is required to present an insurance policy that covers the hunter in the event of a hunting accident in our country.

Article 5


1. The hunting during the period from

31.10.2022 to 1.12.2022 will only take place in groups with the presence of an authorized body.

2. Up to twelve (12) hunters divided into three (3) groups (2 to 4 hunters per group) can hunt on each hunting day during the above time period.

3. On Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December, up to four (4) individual hunters may hunt each day in whose name a Special Permit has not been issued again during the current hunting season.
4. The transport of hunters from Methoni to N. Sapienza is done only by the boat contracted by the Forestry Department. The minimum rent is defined as the amount of four hundred and ninety-six euros (€496.00) euros including VAT. (24%), which will be shared equally among each hunter in the case of a trip with less than eight (8) hunters. In addition to the eight (8) hunters, the rent is set at the amount of sixty-two euros (€62.00) including VAT. (24%) per hunter.

Article 6


1. Special hunting permits are issued by the Kalamata Forestry Department (in the E.K.P. special hunting permits are not issued).

2. Those interested in hunting must submit to the Forestry Department of Kalamata the documents required for the issuance of a special permit, which are mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 2 of this Hunting Program.

Applications are accepted from the publication of this Program in the Government Gazette until Tuesday 22 November for those who wish to hunt in groups until 1.12.2022 and until Tuesday 29 November for those who wish to hunt individually on 6 and 7.12 .2022 on working days and from 08:00-13:00. Every request is logged. The protocol number determines the priority order.

on hunting days. The non-payment of the amount of money for the issuance of the Special Permit and the non-presentation of the Proof of payment of the rent for the transport to and from Sapienza Island, even by a hunter of the group, excludes entry to the E.K.P. of the whole group. The payment of the amount of money for the issue of the Special Permit is made exclusively by deposit/ transfer to the bank account of the service from the personal bank account of the hunter or his legal representative.

In the event that on the same day two groups of hunters consisting of two hunters have been nominated to hunt, the service is given the possibility to merge the groups into one - if the groups so wish - in order to hunt another group as well .

No changes are made to the hunters that make up the teams.

3. Applicant hunters in person or their legally represented representatives must receive the special hunting license in time.

4. In the event that a hunter does not show up for hunting on the day set for him, he is not entitled to use that day's permit for another hunting day and the fee he has paid is not refunded.

5. In the event that the hunt is not held due to bad weather or another reason, a hunt may be held by those who wish and showed up for the hunt on the day that was set for them, on Friday of the current week.

For those hunters who do not wish to hunt and had shown up for hunting on the day that was set for them, the sums of money they have paid for the issuance of the Special Permit are returned by depositing/transferring them from the bank account of the service to the accounts of the which had been deposited/transferred, bearing the costs of bank transactions. These hunters or their legal representatives must submit to the Kalamata Forestry Office by Thursday, December 8, the Shipment Form - Invoice issued for this Special Hunting Permit. For those Special Hunting Permits for which the corresponding Shipping Notes - Invoices were not submitted, the sums of money are deposited by the Kalamata Forestry Department in the Green Fund.


Article 7


1. Hunting is carried out only with a hunting shoulder weapon that has a smooth barrel and is a single- or double-barreled or repeating carbine that carries up to three (3) cartridges in total, of which one (1) is in the chamber and two (2) at the warehouse.
2. Only single-shot cartridges will be used for hunting.

3. Dogs are prohibited for hunting. The use of radios, binoculars, etc. is also prohibited. as hunting aids. Cell phones are prohibited from being used as hunting aids.


Article 8


1. The hunt is conducted at the absolute discretion of the authorized body of the E.K.P. when there are favorable weather conditions and good visibility.

2. The hunting license and the special license are delivered to the authorized bodies of the E.K.P. before the start of the hunt and are returned after it.

3. The positions to be hunted by the groups of hunters are determined before the start of the hunt and before boarding the boat. In the event that several groups are interested in hunting in the same location, a lottery will be held.

4. The groups of hunters are always accompanied by the authorized bodies of the Controlled Hunting Area, whose instructions they must obey. Hunters must take all necessary measures to prevent any kind of accidents and to use and transport their hunting weapons safely. The Service bears no responsibility for any injury or accident during the hunt. During the hunt, the hunters are obliged to wear fluorescent orange clothing on their body (with a single strip excluded), visible from all visual sides to avoid accidents.

5. It is forbidden to remove hunters from their group. It is also prohibited to remove them from the area designated to hunt by the authorized bodies of the Controlled Hunting Area. Careless hunters, dangerous for the safety of colleagues of E.K.P. and in general hunters who do not obey the instructions of the bodies of the E.K.P., may be removed from the E.K.P. and are deprived of the hunt without other wording or compensation for the current hunting season.

6. The organs of the E.K.P. they can collapse groups of hunters or individual hunters into groups.
7. It is not allowed to enter the E.K.P. to a hunter who does not carry a weapon even if he holds a Special Permit.
8. It is forbidden to hunt from the boat and in the water bodies.

9. The hunter who injures, at the absolute discretion of the authorized body monitoring the hunt, the game and does not collect it shall pay the value prescribed for the game and is deprived of the right to enter the E.K.P. for the current hunting season.
10. It is forbidden to hunt undeveloped hairy game and female goats. Grown hairy game means: the wild sheep of three (3) years and the goat of two (2) years. In case of injury or killing of a non-grown hairy game or female goat, the culprit is charged with a fine of €400.00 plus the value of the game as determined by column (6) of the table below. The value of the female goat is estimated at €1,000.00 for all hunters.

VAT is added to the above prices. 24%. 11. In the event that game is killed, the hunting of which is

prohibited according to this program, or an undeveloped hairy game or female goat is intentionally killed, this act is considered illegal hunting. In this case, the offenders are prosecuted under the provisions on hunting and for violation of hunting regulatory provisions (par. 18 of article 287 n.d. 86/1969 as applicable) and are deprived of hunting without any other wording or compensation for the current hunting season. Game and hunting tools are confiscated. The confiscated game is processed. The trophies from the seized game remain at the disposal of the E.K.P. and the Service.

12. The hunt is interrupted in any case deemed necessary by the body authorized to conduct the hunt.

Article 9


By decision of the Director of Forests of Messinia following a proposal from the Forestry Office of Kalamata, it is possible to modify or interrupt the Hunting Program.


Article 10


Kind Total number Number allowed Hunters Others Aliens
game (1) Hunting Season (2) of game per hunter (3) Prefecture (4) hunters (5) hunters (6)

Wild sheep Females: 10 1 per €140.00 €180.00 €350.00
(Ovis aries musimon) hunting season

Wild sheep Males: 20 1 per €170.00 €210.00 €370.00
(Ovis aries musimon) hunting season

Chamois Males: 22 1 per €250.00 €320.00 €500.00
(Capra aegagrus cretica) hunting season

In case of hunting: a) Wild sheep with a horn length of more than 45 centimeters (outer side) the price of the game is charged for each centimeter over 45 with €10, b) Goat with a horn length of less than 55 centimeters (outer side d) the price of the game is charged with the amount of €500, c) Goat with a horn length greater than 55 cm (external side) and less than 80 cm (external side) the price of the game is charged with the amount of €300 and d ) A goat with a horn length greater than 80 centimeters (external side) the price of the game is charged with the amount of €300 and for each centimeter over 80 with €10.


VAT is added to the above prices. 24%. In the case of completing the total allowed number of

game of a Hunting Period, the hunting of this type of game is stopped. If, during the hunting, the allowed number of game is exceeded, it is justified to exceed it during the time required to inform all the hunters by the bodies of the E.K.P.


Article 11


1. After the end of the hunt, the authorized body of the E.K.P. will issue to the hunter a Sales Invoice of the Service and the value of the game will be collected by deposit/transfer to the bank account of the service. The slip that will be given to the hunter is a legal title to the possession of the game listed on it, for transportation, etc. of these.
2. The price of the killed game when it is hunted by a group consisting of Messenian and other Greek hunters, or hunters nationals of European Union member states is determined by the price indicated in column (5) of the above list. If the group has foreign hunters from other foreign countries outside the E.U. then the value is determined by column (6) of the list.

Article 12


The departure of the hunters and the authorized bodies of the E.K.P. N. Sapienza from the port of Methoni will take place at 7:45 - 8:00 and the return from Sapienza at 14:30 - 15:00.

If for any reason or cause the departure does not take place until 08:30 the hunt is postponed.

Article 13


1. It is forbidden to enter and stay in the E.K.P. of anyone without permission from the Forestry Authority.

2. The E.K.P. Sapienza Island can be visited for scientific, learning and acquaintance purposes

of its flora and fauna and its ecosystem in general, those who wish (Associations, Unions, etc.) after permission from the Kalamata Forest Service except on hunting days. The way, the time, the behavior and the other obligations within the E.K.P. will be determined with the relevant license.

3. Visitors to E.K.P. they must take care of their safety and accident prevention, which is their care and responsibility. The Service bears no responsibility for any accident that may occur during their stay at the E.K.P. They also have to protect the game and not disturb their peace.

Article 14


1. It is not allowed to photograph or film the game and hunting activities during the hunt as defined by this program.

Photographing and filming game outside of the above period is only permitted with the permission of the competent Ministry.

In the event of photographing or filming of game and hunting activities, or in the event of the existence of audio-visual material of illegal photography and filming of game and hunting activities, the culprit shall be prosecuted for violation of this regulatory-prohibitive provision and deprived of the right to hunt.

2. Hunters must collect and remove from the E.K.P. the cartridges they used.

3. During the period of validity of the present, the

currently applicable protection measures against COVID-19 shall be applied.
4. For all matters not regulated by this program, which has the status of a hunting regulatory provision, the general hunting provisions apply.

5. Every other detail regarding the operation of E.K.P. which is not registered in this program is determined by the supervisor of the E.K.P. within the framework of the 453/1977.

6. Violators of the provisions on hunting and the present regulatory-prohibitive provision shall be criminally prosecuted.
7. Possession of a special hunting license and guest entry to the E.K.P. mean the unreserved acceptance and application of what is mentioned above.
This decision to be published in the Government Gazette.

Kalamata, September 22, 2022

By order of the Secretary General of Forests The Director of Forests of Messinia

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Refund Policy

If a shot draws blood, it will terminate the hunt and start the search for the wounded animal. If the animal is injured and not found while the hunter is present, the animal will be considered dead. The search for the trophy will continue and, if found, it will be sent to the hunter. The hunt finishes once the animal is shot. If trophy is taken or wounded, or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over the hunt is over. In case of 4 days bad weather and/or no chances to shoot during the 4 days hunt on animal the refund is according the current year government prices for the requested trophy size or up to the biggest trophy taken in the same period according the current year government prices.



Firearm regulation

The only legal hunting weapon in Greece is open sight /no optics/ smoothbore barrel shotgun /without rifling/ with slugs. And bow. Hunting is a popular pastime in Greece, mainly on the mainland and mountainous areas. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals. Both a shotgun permit and hunting licence are required to hunt in Greece. A shotgun can be bought without a licence, but it must then be registered with the police. A shotgun permit must then be applied for within one month at the local Police station. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The penalty for being in possession of an unregistered rifle or shotgun without a permit may be up to four months in prison. Only single or double barrelled smooth shotguns, with a rifle length over 1m and holding no more than three bullets are permitted.